• Losing cm's 4 times faster
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Smooth, even skin & feeling fitter
  • Results within 1 month
  • Weight loss due to infrared training


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What is a Vacustep?

The principle of this revolutionary product is based on a combination of moving in a vacuum chamber that ensures a better blood circulation of the tissue at the buttocks, Abdomen and Legs, where there is normally less blood circulation.


Tests have proved unequivocally: with the VacuStep four times the volume of buttocks, Abdomen and Legs is reduced, as with a normal fat burning training.


Also achieved is a clearly visible improvement of the skin image, which the VacuStep is also an excellent remedy against persistent cellulite. Your skin feels smoother and you can see results from the first step-session!



The secret of the vacuum-movement system VacuStep is the unique combination of two specially efficient methods: 



THE VACUSTEP-VACUUM TRAINING ACTIVATES DIRECTLY THE BLOOD CIRCULATION IN THE TYPICAL PROBLEM ZONES OF THE BODY I.E. HIPS, BUTTOCKS, TUMMY AND THIGHS. What sport activities and diets can not achieve: A reduction of fat tissues in those areas, where depots are most persistent. Body circumference will be reduced already after a few training sessions and the skin will become visibly firmer.


The advantages of the elliptical trainer, which is integrated in the VacuStep: Contrary to other sport equipment the elliptical trainer exercises only the lower section of the body and stimulates with great effect the fat burning process in the problem zones. The vertical position inside the VacuS tep ensures an optimal flow of lymph. The natural-like elliptical movement protects the joints and the complete body. 


Compared with other fat burning programs the results with VacuStep will be achieved with far less effort and in a much shorter period of time.



You keep to your diet and exercise, yet there is hardly any success visible in the desired areas such as hips, buttocks, thighs.

As soon as those fat layers have been built up a magic cycle starts: The fat cells press onto the blood vessels and interfere with a proper cleaning process of the lymph system. The inadequate blood circulation impairs the reduction of fat and the discharge of waste liquid out of the connective tissue. 



VacuStep specially aims at the reduction of circumference and an improvement of the skin structure in the problem zones of women. A gentle combination of vacuum and easy movement on the elliptical trainer integrated into a well shaped housing leads to the effect that the blockades in the blood vessels will be released and circulation will be improved significantly.A proper blood flow within the problem zones is the basis for a successful reduction of fat.Nutrients will be taken up by the cells much better and metabolism improves. Within a very short period of time an enormous loss of circumference and a remarkable reduction of even highly obstinate cellulite in those problem areas which are resistant to any kind of exercise result will be visible and measurable. VacuS tep reduces circumference and shapes hips, stomach, buttocks and legs. 



  • The vacuum ensures a better blood circulation in the lower part of the body and opens up blockades in the cells and blood vessels.

  • The fat cells will be activated and excess fat will be burnt.

  • Circumference of the problem zones will be reduced significantly.

  • Even obstinate cellulite will disapper.

  • Musculature will be strengthened.

  • The gerneral well-being will be improved and fitness increased.

  • Good up-take of nutrients and an active metabolism

  • Less "cold zones" (buttocks, legs and feet) due to a better blood flow



The combination of elliptical training and vacuum activates the blood circulation (shown in red colour) in the lower part of the body.The fat cells (shown in yellow colour) open up and the released fat will be burnt.



  • The first VacuStep Intensive-Training consists of 20 sessions.

  • Each session takes 30 minutes.

  • The exercising person affixes a rubber skirt around the waist/belly and in turn the skirt is fixed to the rim of the VacuStep housing.

  • Hence the person is exercising in a vacuum which is being created by a vacuum pump installed inside the housing.

  • The vacuum repositions the blood flow from the upper part of the body to the lower part and ensures an uninterrupted flow to the outer layers of the skin tissues. 

  • The movement on the elliptical trainer stimulates the blood circulation and ensures that the blood flows back to the upper body part.

  • Blocked fat cells in the problem zones open up, the fat stored inside will be discharged, transformed into energy and burnt.

  • The gentle training keeps the pulse rate always at an optimal level of fat burning.

  • Compared with other fat burning programs the results with VacuStep will be achieved with far less effort and in a much shorter period of time.

  • This kind of training helps regenerate the connective tissue of the skin allowing the skin to appear younger and smoother.


The first VacuStep -Intensive- Therapy consists of 20 training sessions and should be completed within 4 weeks. These 20 sessions could be made every day consecutively, but at least the customer should exercise 5 times per week.

Each training session is 30 minutes starting with a 5 minute warm-up, followed by a 20 minute intensive work-out and completed with a 5 minute cooling-down period.

Every customer will receive a personal training plan. Before starting the VacuStep training several physical factors have to be considered and evaluated. One important factor is the check-up of the connective tissue structure in the problem zones, this determines the optimal vacuum setting. This is followed by taking the measurements at 4 different body parts in order to record the trainings results which in turn serve as a basis for future training programmes. The measurements will be taken at regular intervals and will be noted on the customer¥s personal VacuStep-Fitness Chart.

In case the desired results have not yet been achieved we recommend to continue the VacuStep training programme as mentioned above until the desired results show.

In order to maintain these results we recommend to exercise 1-2 times per week.



  • Heart insufficieny

  • Pacemaker

  • Trombosis of infection of the veins

  • Extremely low or high blood pressure

  • Severe asthma

  • Epilepsy

  • Pregnancy

Every customer should consult with a doctor when feeling unsure whether VacuStep training is suitable. Every customer should sign and hand over to the studio owner a form confirming the she/he is healthy and allowed to exercise.

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High quality neoprene rubber skirts for the vacustep trainer.


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  • VacuStep® p300

dimensions: length 200cm, width 78cm, height 185cm

weight: 115 kg

material: gfk – glass-fibre reinforced plastic

colours: white, yellow, red, blue

control panel: lcd-display with time, distance, age, kcal watt, rpm, km/h, uph, upper/lower level pulse rate, hand-pulse rating, 8 integrated programmes, 7 adjustable resistance levels, power supply: 2 aa size batteries

brake control: electronic magnetic system, 15 kg flywheel, encased bearings

loading capacity: 135 kg

power supply: 230v/1100w/50hz, on/off-switch, capacity infinitely variable tests/certificates: ce/tüv

supplied with the machine: 4 rubber skirts in different sizes

  • VacuStep® p200

dimensions: length 178cm, width 78cm, height 165cm

weight: 110 kg

material: gfk – glass-fibre reinforced plastic

colours: white, yellow, red, blue

control panel: lcd-display with rpm, time, speed, distance and hand-pulse meter. electrical supply: 2 aa size batteries

brake control: magnetic system, poly-v-belt, 10kg flywheel, encased bearings

loading capacity: 115 kg

power supply: 230volt/1100watt/50hz, on-off-switch, capacity infinitely variable tests/certificates: ce/tüv

supplied with the machine: 4 rubber skirts in different sizes



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Warranty Second-hand Vacustep:
* The guarantee is determined per Vacustep and recorded on the invoice. Within the warranty period only the mechanical problems / parts are covered.
** Electrical components, hourly wages and call-out costs are not covered by the warranty.
*** Response time on second-hand vacusteps: 1 to 5 working days for solving a breakdown. Also within the Warranty



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